Friday, January 14, 2011

Do you?

Do you ever not want to get out of the shower???!!!! Sometimes it's the peace and quiet that I don't want to leave...although my shower doesn't quite look like this pic. I can dream though right??!?! haha

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Sure?

I am still out here...can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. Then again I HAVE been busy with two adorable kiddos. The Christmas season has come and gone which makes me sad :0(. 2011 starts the year that I (and my hubby) turn the big 3-0! :0( sad face again, haha. I am excited about the next 'chapter' in my life.

Ella is now 7mths old and I seriously can't believe how quickly it's gone. She loves her puffs as well as cheerios! She is such a joy and we thank God for her.

Evan will be 3 in again! We have started potty training...yikes! Gotta say ever since birth the thing I've been dreading most is PT!!!! He's doing pretty good so far so hopefully we will have only 1 in diapers soon.

Dave & I were able to watch a memorial service for a Pastor in Seattle, WA the other night via the internet. Dave did an internship at The City Church ( before we were married. There are still so many thoughts running through my head. The services was amazing and that word doesn't do it justice. The strength and character that man walked in is something we should all strive for. Every person spoke on his overwhelming generosity and his REAL love for people. His love for prayer and the things of the Lord. His whole LIFE was an example and I was blown away watching it. Makes me really examine my own life. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in where you are right now...not thinking about the big picture. What is God's plan for my life? What's the next step in His plan for me? What am I excited/passionate about in life? ....................