Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roll Over??

Well, yesterday Evan turned 5 months old!!! Hard to believe! A couple days ago I was on the computer and turned around to see this and grabbed my camera as quickly as possible!! He did roll himself back onto his back but both knees are touching so I think it counts as a roll over! :) Yahoo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in CT and we wanted to do something outside so we decided to go for a "walk" up Case Mountain here in town. Our camera still needs to be charged from vacation ( I know I know) so the pictures are from Dave's cell phone...hope they look ok! At the top it was definitely windy...hence my wind blown hair! Ha! Evan just loves being outside. When we were on vacation he loved going for walks on the beach. He did fall asleep on our way down the mountain :). It was a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long Time No Blog!

Feels like a while since I last blogged...I joined Facebook so I've been on that quite a bit! ALMOST feels like an addiction sometimes...ha ha ha. We had a busy summer and are glad to be back in the swing of things. While on vacation Evan started eating rice cereal (picture of his first time)...hard to believe that on 9/20 he will be 5 months old already! I wish I had a picture of the front of our house so you could all see how our lawn is COVERED in leaves. The large tree is "sick" and has been for years (so our neighbor tells us) and starts to shed leaves in Aug. I will have to get a pic and blog that! Ha ha. Enjoy the couple of pics...