Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Saturday is an exciting day for me! Not only is it one month til my boy turns '1' but I am going to NYC! First WHOLE day away from my little boy! Nursing, while a great thing, has certain limitations so the whole day gone will be great/interesting. I am still nursing and hoping to continue until 4/20 ha ha! Then I'm DONE! I am SO excited to be able to go with my sisters and nieces...luckily the littlest sister lives there and will be our "tour guide". I can see us on the subway now...ha ha ha. Stay tuned for pics and stories :)!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Could it be true??

Today it is absolutely gorgeous in CT!!! After such a long winter could spring really be on its way?! I HOPE SO! Although...knowing New England weather we will probably get snow this week. Ha ha! After church this morning Evan & I came home, ate lunch and just went on a delightful walk! We have a GREAT neighborhood for walking so I'm ready for the nice weather and the exercise! I'm hoping to head over to Evergreen Walk in a bit to do some more walking.

It looks like Evan is finally on the mend with all his ailments! Praise God!! It's so hard to believe he will be 1 next month. Where did this year go???? Hummmmm.

Well it's been a bit since I added a pic so here goes :) And now I'm ready for a nap..........

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not so Fast!!!

Just when I thought we were done being sick Evan got PINK EYE today!! How in the world did he get that you ask? GOOD question. We haven't been much of anywhere these days with him being sick and then me being sick so who knows. He woke up from his nap this morning with a goopy eye...blahhhhh! Luckily the Dr.'s office just gave us a appt needed!! Good thing germs can't go through computers...ha ha!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Time!

Well...after 10 months Evan got his first virus/cold :(. Poor little guy. The first few days were pretty rough with him not sleeping, sneezing and coughing all the time! It sure is hard to go back from them sleeping through the night!! Luckily I think he is on the upside of this virus unfortunately he has shared his germs with me! Caring is sharing I guess! Ha ha. I just hope it doesn't stay around. Keep us in your prayers!

On another little baby is going to be 1 next month, 4/20!! Where has the year gone?!?! Sigh...