Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Baby

Can I just say that Evan is SUCH a happy baby! Especially in the morning. He will just lay on his changing table, kick his legs, move his arms all around and give his mom and dad big smiles!
Except of course when he is hungry but don't you get cranky when your hungry?! It's hard to believe he is almost 3 months old now! He is getting so big but is still our little peanut. Summers are always busy for Dave & I with church activities etc. Next week VBS (Vacation Bible School) starts and that's always a super busy week for Dave. And then in 3 weeks Dave goes to Chile for 10 days. I am not really sure WHAT to expect during that time.


Laura Norman said...

wahoo kate! i'm so excited you have a blog now, i plan on blogging more soon. nate leaves for the amazon on saturday for 9 days, so i understand the feeling of being without a husband! i hope dave has an awesome trip. can't wait to keep reading!

Kristin McAuliffe said...

Maybe I'll come visit and Brian and I can babysit since I'm SUCH a good "bed" for Evan!