Friday, November 6, 2009

Far too long...

My goodness it's been a long time since I wrote!!! Let's see where to start...

Fall has been beautiful here in CT and I'll leave you with a pic of my cute boy from when Dave was raking last week! He LOVES to be outside these days! Even in the cold weather he cries when it's time to come in. He's such a funny kid and discovers new things every day which is so cool to watch.
On that note I'm pregnant again!! Yep, due 5/29 so kids will be 25 months apart. I have been feeling good which I am so thankful for. We had an ultrasound yesterday (10weeks, 5 days) and it was crazy! I'm always amazed at ultrasounds and God of course! I had looked at Evan's 8 week one right before my appt to just remember and all he was was a blob on the screen! This one we could make out the head, arms, legs, cord forming and baby was moving around, AMAZING. And get this...the baby had the EXACT same heart rate as Evan did at his 8 week one...166!!! Weird right? Does this mean another boy???? Hummmmmm we will see!!!
I recently celebrated my 28th birthday on Wednesday! Had a good day :). Went out with my sisters last night which is always a good time!! Love my sisters (you too Kristin even though your weren't there)! Although I realized I haven't had ANY birthday cake yet!!! Think I might make cupcakes this afternoon :0)! haha.
Alright time for lunch so I better get going!

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Rachel said...

I am so happy for you Kate! I thought I joked you awhile back about being preggy, now you are!! Are you in the throes of morning sickness? uggh..I don't miss that. Keep blogging about your appointments. I am so glad I did, because I can look back and remember the whole pregnancy by what I blogged about! Congrats again!!