Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mac n Cheese

So, how long do you think you've been making mac n cheese for? Not the Velveeta kind like the powdered add milk kind???? YEARS right?! WELL I have always opted to give Evan Annie's mac n cheese since he started eating it. Quick and easy meal so figured I'd spring for the good stuff for him. Anyway...I always would complain about how I didn't like the way the cheese always stayed sort of clumpy. Then the other day I had this genius idea...READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Don't you know it tells you to pour 1/4 milk into measuring cup and then mix cheese in that and THEN add to cooked pasta? Unreal...all this time if I had read the instructions I would have had nothing to complain about when it came to Annie's mac n cheese. Makes me wonder what else I'm making wrong ;0) haha


Rebecca said...

LOL for sure my friend. I've been making it wrong as well. Thanks for the tip.
Just posted to my blog, finally he he.
Happy Easter as well!

Liz and Nate said...

I have been doing the same thing to! But I usually get the white cheese and mix it with a scoop of sour cream and the mix in the box. I don't add milk and it comes out nice and thick and creamy. Mmmmmm....but yesterday I made it the right way! And like you read the