Monday, May 23, 2011

Potty Training Day #1

Well today starts potty training boot camp...hubby left this morning until Friday so I planned to just hunker down, not go anywhere and just DO IT. It's something I have been dreading for far to long. Time to face it! Yesterday he was at my sisters house and asked to use the potty...AND WENT! I decided to just put him in underwear with pants on over. Meaning we are confined to our kitchen since the rest of the house is CARPET, sigh. I can do this. This morning was going really well...

Peed a bunch of times on 'his' potty and even pooped on the big potty.

I had set the timer for 20min after I had given him some juice and don't you know with 10 SECONDS left on the clock he comes to me soaking wet! Oh myyyyyy

Today - 3 accidents, he did not like being wet and told me after that he should pee in the potty not in his pants. Luckily it's almost bedtime. With that said it's potty time again...


Anna said... can do it!!! Then he'll be independent and you'll wonder where your baby boy went - but you DEFINITELY won't miss changing the diapers:) With AJ, three days in it just "clicked" and he totally understood everything...he has never had an accident since! It did help too that Daddy was a big part in teaching him to be a "big boy"! We also put a potty category on his chore chart & every time he went he got a check mark. When the row was full (aka he was trained) he got to go pick out a toy at the store...Lightening McQeen of course for him! Ha. You can do it Momma!!!!

Rebecca said...

You are an amazing mother!!! Such a huge milestone!!