Saturday, March 6, 2010

28 Weeks

Sorry I have been blog MIA!! Had some issues with our computer this week so was without it for days. It was sort of like a detox which was nice ;0)! Haha. I have a story to tell that happened last Monday...feels like so long ago now!!

Because I am a negative blood type between 26-28weeks preggo I have to get a Rhogam shot...basically near your butt where all the fat is! LOL! Thankfully I knew what to expect going into this pregnancy so I was prepared...I am not really one that loves shots or getting blood drawn! Anyway, off to the hospital I went to have my blood drawn again...I'm guessing to make sure I am me (haha) and then headed up to Family Birthing to get my shot which is where I had Evan. Got to see a friend who is 37 weeks preggo and lookin fabulous! The nurse took me into a room, gave me my shot and then said 'alright we'll see you in about 13 weeks!' WHAT?!?!?!?! YIKES!!! That kind of freaked me out a little to be honest!!! I think in the back of my head I keep thinking how far away May seems but 13 weeks doesn't sound that far! After all it is MARCH already...where has this year gone so far? Sigh. I was 11 days early with Evan so I think I'm hoping for mid-May this time around!

Today marks 28 weeks (7 months!!) and I'm still feeling good. Although I feel like I'm constantly eating all the baked goods I make! It's a vicious cycle I tell ya. Hoping to take a couple pics today to share :). Dave leave Sunday for Atlanta til Thurs and I wish I was going!! Haha. So it'll be just me and the boy! Have a great weekend!

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Emily Murphy said...

13 weeks seems long to me, lol... perspective is an odd thing isn't it? Just think, soon you'll have a little girl in the mix, what a blessing! :-)