Friday, April 9, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

I've thought of SO many things that I could blog about lately and just haven't. Who knows why? SO many thoughts have been going through my head lately...especially as my due date is creeping up on me! 33 weeks TOMORROW. Seriously I feel like this pregnancy has gone by SOOOOO much faster this time around. For those who have 2 (or more) why do you think that is? You aren't JUST focused on the pregnancy cause you're chasing another little one around?? Hummmmm that's one of the reasons I think. I know every delivery is different but part of me...RIGHT not really nervous about the labor and delivery but more nervous about the adjusting to having 2 kiddos. I love my boy so darn much and I wonder how he will react and respond to everything?? Like I said...lots of questions!

I was totally BLESSED by a small group of ladies who threw me a little girlie shower this week :0)! Got some really cute girl things! It's so different going through all the pink stuff, lol! I was definitely surprised and will have to post pics when I get them.

So I was thinking about starting a...oh what's it called...survey? contest? For people to guess when Baby Girl will be born, ahaha! Would you participate?! Maybe I'll give away a gift card or something hahaha!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jen Clark said...

No. I wouldn't participate in a survey : )

Liz and Nate said...

It was a big adjustment for me to go from 1 to 2 kiddos. Especially around the time Benny was starting solid food. Luke had to wait for everything and the whole jealousy issue came up. But spending some good quality one on one time with him helped alot!

As far as the frequent feedings that may arise, my sister-in-law used to have a "special box". Everytime she had to nurse her second child, her oldest would get something out of it - book to read, coloring book, special toys, etc. she said that helped alot.

I couldn't believe how fast my second pregnancy went either! Like you said, chasing around a toddler doesn't give you much time to soak int he fact you are pregnant. Those boys just never sit still! Good Luck with the final weeks! I am praying for a easy, quick labor and delivery!