Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well it's been a LONG couple of weeks over there. Dave did not go out the the country this year (yay!) but has been doing " at home" missions stuff. Meaning they have been doing things in the community etc. Here's the website with pics if you'd like to take a look!

While I am soooo thankful he didn't leave this year it has been almost just as hard as if he were actually gone. I've been trying to work when I can so it feels like we've barely seen each other! Evan has been ATTACHED to me lately (more than usual) which is a tad annoying. LOVE HIM but it gets old quick. Very draining plus he is EVERYWHERE! I have found trying to go up the stairs MANY you think a gate is in order?!?! Hahha.

Anyway, I've thought about lots of things that I could blog about the past couple weeks but have just been lazy in doing so. Evan & I are flying to VA beach Saturday morning! YESSSSS! Dave will drive Sunday afternoon after church. We'll only be there til Thurs night cause we are going to a wedding Fri night which should be good times! THEN we head to Myrtle on 9/5!! The nice thing about going in Sept is there really arent many people there and the weather is still great. We are READY for a vacation. I can't wait to chill and watch TLC!!!!!!

I have signed myself up for a couple things this year...being a Bible study leader for 7 weeks this fall and running our MOPS group at church. I have kind of just gotten sick of just being an attender at church. It was a hard transition for me to stop helping with our youth ministry small groups but it was just getting to be too much with Evan and also since I didn't go on Sunday nights they need someone relevent!Everything is for a season right??!!

2 of my sisters and I went to a late movie to see Julie & Julia...I liked it! There was one random swear that soooo didn't need to be there but overall I really enjoyed the movie. I'm so thankful for my 3 sisters! :0)

So how was that for a random post?! Ha...need to go finish getting ready for my grandma's 80th b'day party this afternoon.

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Sarah Snyder said...

I loved the random post! It brought me up to speed. :) We should talk soon since we are going to miss each other in VA Beach. :( I can't wait to be on vacation and watch TLC too!