Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things I do on Vacation...

- Watch as much TLC (What not to wear, Cake Boss etc.) as I can since I don't have it at home!

- Read People magazine

- Read a book by the water for as long as I can...ahhhh love it.

- Shower at the END of the day after I'm beached out!

- Rarely wear make up :)

- Pack too much which I am committed to NOT doing for Myrtle.

- Try not to go on the computer!

Honestly though vacation is a time for us to just RELAX and be rejuvenated. We are sooo looking forward to Myrtle Beach.

Actually we are going on our first overnight tonight WITHOUT Evan! Dave's mom is in town and is coming to spend the night here! We aren't going far but are excited to celebrate our anniversary! 6 years Saturday!! Wahooooo!

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Sarah Snyder said...

Yay for if only one of the items had included hanging out with Gooch! Wish we wouldn't have missed each other...I stopped and got to say hi to Jen last night. Happy, Happy Anniversary...have fun on your night away!