Thursday, January 14, 2010

Up & Up

I have definitely become a Target girl! Before Evan was born I would venture into Walmart cause it's a tad cheaper...not anymore! You must understand something about the Walmart here in's ghetto. Seriously. I love Walmart in VA or Myrtle Beach just here I'm a Target girl hard core (lol)! I have even come to really like some Target brand called Up & Up. You don't even know how long I have been thinking about blogging about this! :0) Here is what we use now...

- Contact solution (tried Walmarts back in the day and it dried our eyes out!)
- Paper towels
- Toilet paper
- Garbage bags
- Dishwasher detergent
- Aluminum foil!
- Plastic sandwhich bags
- I bought disinfectint wipes but haven't used them yet

There might be more that I am forgetting at the moment. Do you have any favorite Up & Up products???


Liz and Nate said...

I haven't tried the Up & Up products. We don't usually get to target. I actually like walmart a little better here in Hard Hittin'. lol....does Target accept coupons?

Sarah Snyder said...

Here in Minneapolis it is the hub for Target pretty much rules and all Walmart's are extremely ghetto. I know exactly what you mean! :-)

KatelynWaite said...

As far as I know Target excepts coupons!!!

Rebecca said...

Up & Up Tissues are great! They are soft and less expensive than national brand :-)

Laura Norman said...

i and a HUGE fan of up and up baby wipes. i buy the big red refill pack, it has 6 packs in it. they are thin and soft. we use them for EVERYTHING!! i'm a huge fan of target.